Moonlight Warrior
By Char
May 1, 2009 - 11:05:35 AM

Kenzie Gregor is just getting used to modern life as a human again. When he finally broke the curse keeping him a panther, Kenzie made the decision to devote his life to helping others, cursed like he was, regain their human form and life. Since most cursed individuals became that way through black magic, Kenzie is planning to move to Midnight Bay, a remote town surrounded by the ocean and forests, to minimize the chance of anyone seeing something they can’t explain.

Eve Anderson is at her wits end. She is newly divorced from the husband that skipped out of town with their next-door neighbor and all of their savings and she is trying to understand the disease that her mother has just been diagnosed with. To make matters worse the house where her mother had been living has just been sold and they have been told they have five days to move out.


Kenzie is anxious to move into his new home and begin helping William, a man who was changed into a dragon by a vengeful witch, learn compassion so that he can break the spell binding him. When Kenzie realizes that Eve and her mother have nowhere to go, he knows he can’t just let them leave, so he offers them room and board if they will stay and be his housekeepers. It doesn’t take long before Kenzie is wanting to change Eve’s job description from housekeeper to wife and mother of his children. The question is, can Kenzie break through the hard shell Eve has placed around her heart and convince her that he is a man she can count on to stay with her forever?


MOONLIGHT WARRIOR by Janet Chapman is a wonderful introduction to a new paranormal series with the added bonus of glimpses into the lives of those larger than life highlanders from her Pine Creek series. Kenzie may not have been born into modern society but he has picked up the best traits from this era and kept the protectiveness and sense of family from his original time, which makes him irresistible and the perfect mate. Eve is a woman with a lot on her mind and I could feel the pain and worry she felt watching her mother. I enjoyed seeing her try to resist Kenzie and I wished I was her when she finally gave in and let Kenzie into her heart and bed. I loved Kenzie, Eve, the plot of this book and all the secondary characters that made this story one of the most enjoyable I have read this year.


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