Moonlight in the Morning
By Dottie
Dec 28, 2011 - 4:14:17 AM

Jecca Layton lost her mother at a young age. Growing up in New Jersey, she and her brother were raised by their father who owns a hardware store. In fact, Jecca spent her teen years working in her father’s store. In college she met her best friend Kim. They and their good friend Sophie were roommates. All three girls have artistic talents, but in different venues. For Jecca, her love is painting. She has also had a crush on Kim’s handsome brother Reede, but he only sees her as a kid. Besides, he already has a girlfriend. Given the opportunity to visit Kim for two weeks in the summer, Jecca had been thrilled to hear of Reed’s breakup with his girlfriend. But  even though she tried to capture his attention, she failed. With Kim recovering from surgery, Jecca spent the time painting before returning home.

Dr. Tristan Aldredge, Kim’s cousin, has never had a problem getting female attention. With his wealth and extremely good looks, girls flock to him. He just wants to settle down with someone who loves him. He has come close to marrying before, but each time he discovers that the girls were just after his money, not him. But when Kim’s parents throw a party for her best friend, Jecca, Tristan is blown away She doesn’t flirt with him or try to come on to him like other women. She doesn’t even seem to notice his good looks. He is also attracted to her and can’t get her off of his mind. But he has never had to work at getting a girl to be with him. However, it looks like that is the only way he can date Jecca. Being eight years older doesn’t help either.

When the gallery where Jecca works closes down for the summer, Jecca decides to spend the summer in Edilean with Kim and paint. Perhaps she will even get to see Reede again.

Tristan hears from his cousin that Jecca is returning to town for the summer, and he is overjoyed. Finally, he will have an opportunity to spend time with her and let his feelings known. But then Kim lets it be known that her brother Reede has heard that Jecca is returning to Edilean and has rearranged his schedule to spend time with her. Does Tristan stand a chance of winning Jecca, especially since she has made it plain that she will be leaving town when the summer is over. Or should he step aside and leave a clear field for Reede?

Intriguingly romantic, MOONLIGHT IN THE MORNING is a witty, heartwarming contemporary romance that I hated to put down. This is the first book in gifted author Jude Deveraux’s new series about three artistic women who were roommates in college, but this novel is set in the same town as the EDILEAN series with the same characters. Jecca’s dreams of making her living through her art are hindered by the fact that she is having trouble selling her paintings. Being an artist, Jecca is not fazed by the mundane. So Tristan employs some originally creative methods of seduction, seeking and employing any advice he can find. Although his cousin believes that Tristan will love Jecca and leave her, he wants a relationship, not a one night stand. Tristan also spends a great deal of time watching his niece Nelly, who is absolutely adorable. The mythology of Psyche and Cupid is charmingly woven into this story, as Tristan uses it to great affect during his courtship of Jecca. Filled with charm, engaging characters, steamy situations, small town life, romance and love, this story is one that you will want to read and then read again. Although MOONLIGHT IN THE MORNING is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. I look forward to reading the second book in this series; STRANGER IN THE MOONLIGHT. I am a big fan of all of Ms. Deveraux’s works, and MOONLIGHT IN THE MORNING is no exception.

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