More Than Illusions

Author: JT Schultz

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Release Date: 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Arianna Merchant, a federal agent, is accustomed to being the hunter.  However, now she is the hunted.  Her father, also an agent, has been killed by Jorge Rosario, a Colombian crime lord.  Now his henchmen are looking for her with instructions to kill but only after relieving her of a scroll containing a list of vampires. 


Prince Gabriel Antonio Paseillo’s father is King Ricardo Paseillo - the king over all vampires in Italy.  Though Prince Gabriel is in no hurry to marry, his father is insistent.  Despite his playboy ways, Prince Gabriel is a romantic at heart.  As a youth, his mother filled his head with stories of happily ever after.  Though he is looking for a woman with brains, beauty and that certain spark, to date he has not yet found her.  Prince Gabriel has turned down every woman selected for him.  At his wit’s end, King Ricardo sends his son in search of a Celtic brooch which carries a legacy of love and power – hoping this will help his son find his mate.  When Prince Gabriel finds that Arianna has the brooch, he follows her.


While trying to evade Rosario, Arianna spots a brooch lying on a restaurant table.  After she takes it she senses she is being followed and notices Rosario’s henchman. When Prince Gabriel - arriving in her moment of crisis - rescues her, Arianna faints at his feet.  He is immediately attracted to her and cannot leave her behind.  Finding a scroll in her possession, he becomes suspicious.  The scroll contains names of vampires – some of whom have recently been killed.  In fact, of late, vampires are being killed off all over the world - starting with the masters of lineage.  Determined to keep Arianna safe and to get some answers, Prince Gabriel takes her home to his father.  Will she be able to prove her innocence?  If so, will he be able to keep her safe?  How will his father feel about his attraction to this mortal?  Will the brooch fulfill its legacy?


MORE THAN ILLUSIONS is an interesting story.  Intrigue-filled, this sensual story will keep readers turning pages to find out how Arianna handles this threat to her life and possibly the menace she is bringing to Prince Gabriel’s home.  Containing steamy romance, mystery and vampires, this story will interest readers of many genres.  MORE THAN ILLUSIONS is sure to be on many readers ‘recommended read’ list.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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