More Than Love

Author: Lynn LaFleur

Publisher: Cerridwen Press

Release Date: September 7, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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After suffering from chronic headaches for years, Sandy finally caves to her assistant’s suggestion to see a doctor. She accepts an appointment with her assistant’s doctor and finds herself in the office of Dr. Carlson. To her surprise, Dr. Carlson turns out to be none other than her best friend from high school, Michael Carlson, whom she hasn’t seen in almost thirteen years.

The years seem to fall away as Mike and Sandy renew their friendship and love begins to blossom between them. Sandy struggles to keep her feelings under control, she knows she’ll never be able to give Mike the large family he’s always desired. The fact that she’s barren has been the main reason she’s tried to avoid dating seriously. Mike and Sandy had always been close friends. They’d discussed even highly personal things so why is it so hard for her to tell him about her inability to have children?

Mike is a man on a mission - a mission to find his missing son. His ex-wife kidnapped Corey, their four-month-old son, as soon as the ink was dry on the divorce papers. He hasn’t seen his son since and Cory will soon turn two years old. Leslie was only after his family’s money and had never loved him. Their little boy means the world to Mike. Police and detectives haven’t been able to locate Corey and Mike is growing frustrated. The only thing that helps relieve the worry over his missing son is the time he spends with Sandy. Will they be able to find Corey? How will Mike react when Sandy finally tells him about her sterility?

Lynn LaFleur’s MORE THAN LOVE is an endearing story that readers will want to add to their keeper shelves. This storyline will have you anxiously devouring pages as you wonder what will happen next. Both Mike and Corey are wonderful characters who are dealing with painful events in their lives. I loved watching their relationship go from strictly friends to lovers and every stage in between. You’ll anxiously anticipate each phone call from an investigator wondering if this is the one that will bring good news. I even worried about what Mike’s reaction was going to be to Sandy’s news and shed a few tears with her for the emotional devastation she’s endured over the loss of her own dreams. Mike’s turmoil touched me as well. His obvious love and worry for his son is evident throughout the book and I began to think they would never find him. I also wondered about Corey and how hard it would be for a toddler to understand just what was happening in a situation like this. Ms. LaFleur does an amazing job pulling readers into the raw emotions of the various situations and keeping us entranced until the very end.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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