More Than Magic
By Myra Gabor
Mar 17, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Grace receives a shock when she cures one of her young patients by feeling the young girl’s malignancy and combating its darkness with light.  The shock drives her back to her mountain where she immerses herself in cultivating the plants that grow there. She is interested in preserving the plants for their beauty and their curative powers.  But she senses that something is very wrong with the mountain that she loves.  She discounts her dreams and looks for a scientific answer to what is ailing the mountain

Nick is an undercover DEA agent.  His latest assignment takes him to Grace’s mountain to look for the meth lab that he is sure is there.  At first Nick suspects that Grace’s labs are not just for testing plants, but also for manufacturing the meth. He soon discounts this as everything he finds out about Grace tells him that she is a creature of light, not of dark.  But, Nick is also filled with his own malignant darkness.

When Grace cures Nick of his malignancy, she can’t believe that he really loves her.  She feels that he is only bound to her by the aftereffects of the magic and she knows that this is only temporary.  

Grace and Nick both enter into a perilous situation as they discover who is manufacturing the meth and poisoning the mountain.  Nick is seriously wounded and they must rely on each other to survive.

This book is about magic, yet it feels so real.   As Grace says, there are “stars, moonlight and magic fairy dust.”  I can recommend this book.  It’s a great read.

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