More than Male: Seria's Star Warrior
By Nickie Langdon
Mar 1, 2006 - 1:21:00 PM

Seria has been invited to a meeting with a mysteriously masked woman.  During the meeting, she’s given a glimpse of the man who will escort her to her next assignment.  She’s shocked to also learn that she’s not the fem she’s always been told she was.  She was born to be the submissive mate of a primale.  Her new assignment is to seduce the man who is her escort.  She’s instructed that he’s not to know unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Before the meeting with this mysterious woman ends, Seria will discover who she really is and why the meeting was so important.


Rylar is suffering the effects of losing a battle.  He’s been temporarily sidelined and is anxious to return to fighting.  When he’s given orders to escort a fem to her next assignment, he lets it be known that he’s not happy about the assignment.  When he learns the destination of her mission, he’s even more upset.  He admits that she’s very attractive and that he’s sexually attracted to her, but he’s ready to return to war.  His pleas to be sent back into battle and let someone else escort this woman falls on deaf ears.


Against their wishes, Rylar and Seria set out on their journey across the galaxy.  He gives her orders to stay out of his way.  She’s too drawn to him to listen to her head and his warnings.  Seducing him becomes her mission, whether he wants it or not.


They eventually give in to their lust for one another and things become more complicated.  As a primale, he insists on dominating her.  Her fem half refuses him, her submissive half bates him.


The war of words and threats between these two will have you rolling with laughter at times and reaching for ice water at others.  Reese Gabriel’s MORE THAN MALE:  SERIA’S STAR WARRIOR is every bit as compelling as the first one in the series.  If you like your sex hot and are interested in the D/s genre, you’ll love this one.  It’s a recommended read and a keeper.

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