Morning Light
By Sarah W
Jan 7, 2008 - 2:59:33 PM

Loni MacEwen has just moved to Crystal Falls, Oregon, to start over. All her life, Loni has received visions that have allowed her to help others. Her last case however was a very tragic disaster, and the gift that she has never wanted in the first place, is starting to seem more and more like a curse. The visions are not going away though. In fact, they are finally bringing her to her dream cowboy, Clint Harrigan.

When Loni has a vision that involves Clint, she knows she cannot ignore it. There is a little boy lost in the wilderness with only his dog for safety. Loni knows that only Clint will be able to save the boy from a tragic ending; after all, Clint is his father.


When Loni approaches Clint with her story, he cannot fathom what she is saying. Clint does not have any children to begin with, and he is very wary of clairvoyants and psychics. But something about Loni keeps nagging at him. Her sincerity and her impassioned pleas have stuck in his head, so, determined to save the boy that may be his son, Loni and Clint head out into the Oregon wilderness. Skepticism reigns on Clint's side, but he is also starting to realize that there is so much more to Loni than meets the eye.


Emotional, heartfelt, and absorbing, MORNING LIGHT showcases a fragile love as it withstands the pressures of tragedy, disbelief, and enormous odds. Loni has a heart of gold. She may not want her gift, but she struggles to do right by it nonetheless. I liked how Clint encouraged her to use and accept her gift as something from God, not something to be embarrassed about. He was very supportive once he got past his initial but realistic disbelief. Clint is in fact almost too good to be true at times, but he had one habit that made him a bit more realistic. He chewed tobacco. Such a cowboy type thing to do. I loved watching these two match wits. The intimacy grows between them very quickly when they are out in the wilderness and it is a thing of beauty to read about. MORNING LIGHT had me feeling misty quite a bit, but it also brought forth emotions of empowerment, faith, and the belief that anything can be accomplished, even when the odds are stacked against you. Catherine Anderson does not let readers down with this warmhearted and enjoyable tale.

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