Mortified Matchmaker
By Robin Snodgrass
Apr 16, 2007 - 12:29:00 PM

Federal agent Matthew Campbell cannot believe the assignment he has just received from his superior officer.  He must pretend to be a funeral director who does not know how to meet women.  Matthew must become a client of Dreams Unlimited, the dating service which is being investigated for blackmail and fraud.  The mission should be a piece of cake for someone with Matthew's undercover experience.

Kindergarten teacher Melissa Morgan is visiting her sister while on holiday from work.  Unfortunately, this is not going to be much of a holiday.  Circumstances have forced Melissa to assume her twin sister's identity as the proprietor of Dreams Unlimited, a dating agency for wealthy men and women. The last thing Melissa expects to find while pretending to be her sister is a man; especially one as quirky as funeral director Matthew Campbell.


Despite his unusual behavior and chauvinistic attitudes, Melissa finds it nearly impossible to ignore the fascination she feels for Matthew. Although she is attracted to him, Melissa sets Matthew up on his first date as a client of Dreams Unlimited.  When the date proves to be disastrous, Melissa offers to teach Matthew how to attract a potential mate. Will Melissa be able to keep her heart from becoming involved when their lessons to attract a mate heat up? 

When Melissa stumbles upon evidence of illicit activities including blackmail, she doesn't know whether or not to go to the police.  After all, her sister Jane could be involved.  Will Melissa be able to help her sister and still do the right thing?  Once the truth is revealed, will Melissa find it within herself to forgive Matthew for deceiving her about his identity?

Alexis Fleming has created a wonderful hero in Matthew Campbell. He is a strong alpha male possessing the heart of an old-world gentleman. Matthew definitely grabbed my interest from his first appearance.  Melissa Morgan has been betrayed in the past and fears trusting another man.  Melissa is a match for Matthew in every way. The scenes they share sparkle with life, humor and authenticity.  

Additionally, Fleming's story is infused with a wonderful sense of humor. I literally laughed out loud at Matthew's behavior when he pretends to have no clue how to handle women. One of the funniest scenes is when Matthew's first date, Janice, relates to Melissa the outrageous events of the meal they shared.  Alexis Fleming writes with such passion that I was deeply moved by MORTIFIED MATCHMAKER.  There were also moments in this book that were so tender that they brought tears to my eyes.

Underneath this developing romance is the mystery of whether Melissa's sister is involved in the illicit activities that Matthew is investigating.  This book kept me guessing along with Melissa and Matthew right up to the end.  This is an extremely entertaining story with a lot of heart and soul.  I fell in love with Matthew Campbell and can definitely see what drew Melissa to him so intensely.  I highly recommend you purchase a copy of this book from Samhain Publishing for your reading enjoyment.

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