Mother of Prevention
By Sherri Myers
Mar 1, 2005 - 4:31:00 PM

Kate Madison is living the perfect life--fabulous husband with eyes only for her, two healthy kids, a nice home, and a job she loves. Then one day Kate's whole life is thrown into chaos with every firefighter's wife's worst nightmare coming true for her. Her husband Neil has been killed in the line of duty fighting a fire. Kate takes Neil's death extremely hard, and sinks into a dark depression. With help of family and friends, Kate slowly ventures back to the land of the living. Deciding to move to California for a fresh start, Kate packs her small family and sells her house in Oklahoma.

Finding out she has traded tornadoes for earthquakes, Kate wonders if she's made the wisest decision. She and the girls begin to settle down but don't seem to be able to quite fit in. Kate becomes friends with the lady next door named Mazi, and occasionally talks to Lee, the mailman, who while cute, isn't quite her type. Besides, her heart will always belong to Neil. When the realtor who sold her the house expresses an interest in her also, Kate has to decide if it's time to let go of Neil's memory and move on. Will she risk her heart again?

Lori Copeland has written a story of friends, family, and faith with her newest release MOTHER OF PREVENTION. Kate has already determined before Neil's death that if God ever took him early, she would never speak to Him again. When the worst really happens, Kate has to decide if God has a place in her life anymore. If you are looking for a quick read, and enjoy Christian contemporary novels, be sure to check out MOTHER OF PREVENTION.

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