Mourning Ruby
By Jessica
Jun 1, 2005 - 6:12:00 PM

Rebecca's only legacy of who she is; a large shoebox, the box she was left in as a baby at the back of an Italian restaurant.  Loved by both Joe and his friend, Adam, Rebecca must choose with whom she'll start a new life.  In the midst of making a family of her own, she is dealt a devastating blow which almost destroys her and any hope of happiness.

MOURNING RUBY is like reading poetry.  Every word counts. This book is not your everyday romance - far from it.  Yes, it's about love and its healing powers; but it is also about love lost, courage and strength. It is the kind of book that will cause you to shed a tear or two.  I doubt if anyone, especially parents will not find portions difficult to read. 


This novel is not only about the loss of a loved one for Rebecca, but others as well.  The life of her employer, Mr. Damiano, as well as characters from a novel Joe is writing and sharing with her parallel to some degree her own life. 


Helen Dunmore's writing is truly a gift; it is so natural and beautiful. With every word she pulls her reader into her tale.  I truly believe that few will read this book without crying and laughing with the characters, so real does Ms. Dunmore portray their emotions. I found this beautiful novel difficult to read on many planes.  For one, the emotional rollercoaster ride is too real; and intellectually it demanded my complete attention and involvement.  However, I'm glad I got the honor of reading this book.


I'm sure that this is one of those books that once you've read it, you will forever remember snippets from it.

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