Moving On

Author: Lacey Savage

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Release Date: April 22 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Rachel Allen wanted out of her old life and into a new one after a betrayal by her fiance'. She bought a house and was moving out of the home that she shared with her ex, leaving behind the past. At least that is what she wanted to do until she met drop dead gorgeous Malcolm, one of the men moving her stuff into her new home. He was a dream but she was determined that she did not need a man, any man. But she fell into the arms of Malcolm the first day at her new home.

Malcolm Cohen was just doing his job as a mover when he met Rachel. He was stunned. What was a gorgeous woman doing alone and moving into such a big house? He found her alone and crying while he was moving things into her bedroom. He knew it was wrong but he had to take her in his arms and just hold her. Suddenly things changed between them right there on the French balcony. One touch and sparks flew.


Rachel fought her attraction for Malcolm but she knew that she couldn't stay away from him. Malcolm felt that Rachel used him just to get her jollies, but he was pulled to her by a force he didn't understand. Could these two find each other or were they afraid to try? Only the heart could tell.


Lacey Savage is a very talented author. MOVING ON was an entertaining and fun book to read. I enjoyed watching Rachel and Malcolm, and seeing what could happen to someone that had been hurt by love and then find it again. I laughed and cried while reading MOVING ON and I cheered Malcolm on. Ms. Savage has a winner in this book and has made a fan out of me. I will be looking forward to reading another one of her books.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Moon Tee

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