Moving Target
By Ann
Feb 10, 2008 - 4:52:06 PM

Anistana “Ani” King has learned to live after being placed in the Witness Protection Service.   Although she is no longer an art curator for a major museum, she has carved an existence as an employee at an antique shop in the small artist community of Bisbee.   As Ani Carter, she has been waiting two years to testify against a powerful Russian mob family who killed her entire family.   With only two weeks left, she makes a deadly mistake and contacts a former client to broker an art sale that would provide money for medical help for a sick boy.   When the mob discovers her whereabouts, Ani’s only hope for survival is Deputy Marshal Daniel Parker.  Will he be able to keep her alive until the trial?

MOVING TARGET is an emotional ride that starts off slowly and keeps building momentum until the very end.   Ani has been through a lot of pain and tragedy but she still believes in the good and what is right. As her life begins to crumble just as she is about to testify, she knows that Daniel will never let anything happen to her.   Her faith is truly tested when she discovers the secret he is hiding but her love and ability to forgive makes her even stronger.   Daniel is a man that I would love to have on my side.   He is torn between his duty to protect Ani and his growing attraction to her. Rather than jump into an instant relationship, I loved the fact that their feelings were growing stronger over the years.   It just made it more believable for me.   The ending was rather shocking but I loved the twist at the end.   The mob certainly didn’t know what hit them.   I hope that there will be a sequel and happy ending for one of the secondary characters who I believe was the final piece in Ani’s healing and recovery.   MOVING TARGET is a ride that I definitely enjoyed and look forward to reading again.

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