Mozart's Ghost
By Evelyn
Apr 1, 2008 - 12:43:34 PM

Anna left her hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan for New York City to live a life where she can feel accepted.   She has the unique and sometimes exasperating gift of seeing and talking with ghosts.  A schoolteacher during the day, in the evenings Anna sees clients in her small but peacefully quiet apartment who need to contact their loved ones.  Until Edward moves in downstairs.


Edward is a classical pianist training for the most important competition of his life.  Red-haired and geeky, he annoys and disrupts every aspect of Anna’s life.  She can no longer concentrate on her readings and finds herself constantly distracted by the constant music that floats up from Edward’s apartment.  Additionally, a new ghost is trying to get the two of them together.  Unfortunately for Anna, since she’s the only person who can hear him, Mozart’s ghost bothers her – like a pesky little brother or sister.  


In a unique writing approach, the author lets the reader know what Edward is thinking and feeling through letters he writes to his patrons and friends, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver, in his hometown in Maine.  Though the story is deceptively simple and straightforward, beneath the surface is a theme of perseverance, trust and faith in others, and self-acceptance.  I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and look forward to catching up on others by Julia Cameron.

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