Mr. Fix It

Author: Crystal Hubbard

Publisher: Genesis Press/Indigo Love Spectrum

Release Date: September 3, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Khela Halliday is a brilliant romance author who is about to win the biggest award that can be delivered to a romance author, the Torchbearer, which is an industry honor to the author who most represents the genre.

But somewhere in there, Khela feels like a fake. Her biggest issue is that she doesn’t believe in love. Not the kind of love in romance books, anyway.

To receive the award, she needs to save face, that is, pretend she loves love and that she is the living portrayal of what she writes about – a woman in love with a gorgeous, worthy hero.

Enter then her Mr. Fix-It, Carter Radcliffe, who is the handyman who works at her building. Handsome and more than hunky, Carter will have to do to pose as her real-time love accomplishment, Khela thinks.

But what will happen when Khela starts to think that Carter may do in every part of her life? Even in the long-term and the actual real time...

Carter, for his part, finds an unusual and interesting woman in the uptight Khela. Slowly falling for her, he wants her to start believing in love, the kind she writes about. With her books as his research trove, Carter sets out to bring down Khela’s defenses. But what about the defenses he has erected around his own heart?

Will these two be able to fix it all?

This is one story you definitely want to read. It has everything. Romance, emotion, drama, and a hunky hero. What more can you ask for?

Ms. Hubbard paints an extremely accurate portrait of a romance author; what her life is like and how her mind works. She also does a good job at showing how Khela’s heart works. And Carter, well, Carter is the stuff heroes are made of. Realistic heroes, that is, for he is a normal guy who wants to find real love.

Ms. Hubbard weaves a plot that takes her reader into a beautiful world where feelings battle to come out in the open. The versatility of the characters’ psyche, the many layers to their persona and the manner with which they tackle the prospect of a relationship are extremely beautiful to read, bringing everyone back to this thought – it could happen to me.

A delightful story with all the ingredients to make emotions soar and the heart sing, and cry, MR. FIX IT is bound to please.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Zee

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