Mr. Fullservice
By Chrissy Dionne
May 14, 2007 - 7:50:00 PM

Maisy Collins has devoted the years since her divorce to caring for her twin children, Nick and Annie. Now that they've gone off to college she's finding the house much too quiet with only her dog, Max, for company. Even though it's been six years since Ted left with a younger woman, Maisy still bears the emotional scars from the insults and degradations he hurled at her during the years of their marriage. It's her forty-sixth birthday and except for Max - who's infinitely more interested in licking his own privates - she's celebrating alone.

Maisy doesn't have any big and exciting plans for her birthday but she enjoys the banter about having a 'wild and crazy night' with Nick when he calls to check on her and wish her a happy birthday. During the conversation she mentions that the kitchen sink is still leaking and Nick suggests that she call someone to fix it. She's extra careful with money and had hoped that she could fix the sink herself. Nick tells her to call Fullservice Fixit. While Maisy isn't thrilled with the thought of having to call a repair man to fix her sink, she is thrilled with the Adonis who shows up. Maisy hasn't been attracted to a man in years but just looking at this Marlboro man look alike has her sucking in her stomach and trying to keep herself from drooling. Which is ridiculous. Right? He's probably young enough to be her son and certainly wouldn't be interested in her. When he hands her the invoice, she sees his name for the first time - Dean Martini. His name fits him perfectly.

The following day at work Maisy's coworkers surprise her with two gift certificates. The first one is for a massage, pedicure and manicure. The second is for dinner and dancing at the Spindle - they'd hired an escort to take her on a 'date.' For the first time in longer than she can remember she's going to be going on a date. She never dreamed she'd be dating at her age. She's determined to have a great time even if her date is hired to show her a good time. Imagine her surprise when the man who turns up to pick her up is none other than MR. FULLSERVICE himself. The evening is everything she could possibly hope for and then some. Dean brings out feelings in her that she hasn't experienced in a very long time. Desire reins between them but Maisy has issues with their age difference - can Dean convince her that age is only a number and he finds her to be the sexiest woman he's ever met?

Ruby Storm has written a winner with her latest story, MR. FULLSERVICE. I found Maisy incredibly easy to associate with and could see myself in her position in just a few years. I absolutely adored her loving nature and how openly and honestly she accepts Dean into her life. The issue of their age difference takes a back seat in favor of their mutual attraction but comes back later on in the story in a huge way that both infuriated and saddened me. Maisy's given up so much for her kids and it's now her time to live her own life and find happiness - separate from her kids - but that isn't always easy to do in the face of her own child's disapproval. Maisy is a wonderful character full of a vibrancy that shines through the pages and Dean is exactly the sort of man every woman should have in her life. He recognizes her lack of self confidence and takes every opportunity to prove to her that she truly is a beautiful woman. Thank you Ms. Storm for writing such a beautiful inspiring story that I will definitely be rereading many times in the future.

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