Mr. Right-Now
By Pamela Denise
Oct 3, 2010 - 4:56:37 PM

Kate Gentry seems to be on the top of the list when it comes to being selected as a bridesmaid in her friends’ weddings. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to return any of the favors. Some of her friends may call her a “dreamer” or “unrealistic”, but Kate has the picture of her ideal man envisioned, and she’s not giving it up. However, one weekend at a friend’s wedding, she does give in to the girls’ encouragement to have a fling with a Mr. Right Now while she’s waiting on the perfect guy to come along.

Jaw-dropping best man in the bridal party Dawson McKenna is just the man Kate needs to unwind with. When she gathers her nerve and starts dropping hints for Dawson, it soon becomes quite clear that he is more than happy to accommodate any desires she may have. A flirtatious dinner ends with an explosive night in Dawson’s bedroom and the start of a fun-filled, pleasurable next few days.

Things start to become a bit more complicated for Kate, however, when she begins having feelings for Dawson that go beyond the bedroom. He seems to be a charming, well-rounded man who she can really see herself spending time with in the long term. Yet she was the one who approached Dawson and laid down the “no strings attached” rules.  Now she is torn between sticking to the original plan and risking her self preservation by laying her emotions on the line to the man who may just be Mr. Right.

The common adage “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” just took on a decidedly steamy new outlook in Page Tyler’s MR. RIGHT-NOW. Ms. Tyler does a wonderful job building up the story line while moving things along at a nice pace, and the details she drops about the surroundings are quite lovely. She also knows how to deliver sizzling goodness with intriguing characters. Paige creates a great male lead with Dawson. He is a charming, all-American guy, yet he has an adventurous, somewhat dominant, nature under the surface. Kate was also likable. I understood her ideals for the perfect man and her reservations for swaying from her personal rules.  I recommend it as a must read for those looking for a lighter romance with a dose of heat.

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