By Jenn L
Sep 15, 2008 - 1:02:55 PM

Christmas is not looking very merry or bright for Lauren.  Her husband left her for another woman and since their divorce, she has gone on an endless string of bad dates.  She really wants to be happy and full of cheer.  Even her therapist wants her to embrace the season.

Applying for a job as Mrs. Santa Claus seems like a great way to get into the spirit.  However, when her first day of work comes around, she is already regretting it.  It seems that Santa is one of the seventeen bad dates she went on and working together may not make either of them very merry.


Bring on the difficult children and parents, let her well meaning friends meddle, so what if icky exes start appearing and Santa, it seems, may not be a loser at all.  This Grinchette can handle it and maybe she’ll even get the biggest present of all… love.


K.Z. Snow pens a tale of Christmas woe and love gone wrong that will have you cheering Lauren on as she navigates the pitfalls and clichés of the Christmas holiday in MRS. CLAWS.


MRS. CLAWS is full of holiday spirit and hilarious situations that Lauren could just not seem to avoid.  She has a knack for falling into the most unusual predicaments that you can’t help but laugh out loud.  Yet she has a vulnerability that is far from contrived.  Her ex’s betrayal left her emotionally scarred and questioning herself, making her all the more human and real.  She is like so many other woman who find themselves replaced for a younger model, but Lauren doesn’t wallow for long.  She begins to pick up the pieces by beginning to date again.


David, like Lauren, was left by his spouse, no matter how much he cared and supported her she still strayed, seeking more than she already had with him.  He is proud and caring, with a tenderness that is apparent as we watch him bring Lauren out of her shell.


Together they build a relationship built on friendship and trust, proving that if you kiss enough frogs, you may very well find a prince.  MRS. CLAWS is a heartwarming tale, that embraces all that is good and perfect about the Christmas holiday and is a must have for anyone looking for a touching tale on a cold winter’s night.

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