Mrs. Miracle
By Dottie
Feb 22, 2010 - 5:08:44 PM

Seth Webster, a widower and an engineer at Boeing, has twin sons, Judd and Jason.  The death of his wife Pamela had hit him hard and he still misses her.  At the time of her death, their sons had been toddlers.  Between caring for his sons and trying to work, it was just too much for him and both were suffering.  So his in-laws, Jerry and Sharon, had raised his twins for the past four years.  The twins have learned how to cope without their mother, but Seth still isn’t over it.  With the twins, now six-years-old, and starting first grade in the fall, it was time for him to resume parenting.  However, Seth and his sons have gone through three housekeepers in as many months.  Seth buried his grief in work; he is now the youngest senior engineer in the company’s history.  With the twins, he was lucky to get in a regular eight-hour day, making his work, his health and his disposition suffer.

Reba Maxwell has a travel agency next door to the supermarket where Seth shops.  Two or three times a week she sees him go into the supermarket.  She doesn’t know anything about him, but she can’t get the mystery man out of her mind.  Daily, she watches, hoping to get a glimpse of him.  Reba and her sister Vicki have been competitive most of their lives, but it was always in a sisterly way.  That is, until Vicki took the man that Reba was in love with.  As soon as Reba broke up with him, Vicki was no longer interested in him.  Though Vicki has tried to apologize three times, Reba will not forgive her.


A week after the last housekeeper had quit, a woman showed up at the door.  The house was chaotic, but when she told him she was from the agency, he let her right in.  Within what seemed like minutes, she was serving dinner in a clean kitchen.  Though her name was Mrs. Merkle, the twins called her Mrs. Miracle and suddenly they were on their best behavior.  To Seth, Mrs. Merkle was a dream-come-true, though he found it strange that at times, she seemed to know things before they happened.  She advised him to take the twins on a vacation, telling him to check with the travel agency before the holidays, when everything would be hectic.  Having seen Reba at the travel agency as he passed by to go to the grocery store, Seth had been looking for a way to meet her.  This was the perfect chance.  Reba had also been looking for a way to meet him and when the church was looking for someone to head the Christmas Pageant, she volunteered.  She figured this was the perfect chance to get to know the twins and to meet their father.  However, before she got the chance to meet him that way, he appeared in her travel agency.  Later, a call from the temp agency, informing Seth that they still did not have a housekeeper to send to him, shocked him.  Asking if they had a housekeeper working for them by the name of Mrs. Merkle, they said no.  Who is this miracle worker?  Will Seth and Reba have a chance at a future together?  On the other hand, will their pasts cause problems for them?


MRS. MIRACLE is a charming, feel-good, contemporary romance, which makes the perfect holiday story, as Mrs. Merkle finds a way to settle everyone’s differences and bring joy to their lives.  As well as the relationship between Seth and Reba, the relationship between Seth’s in-laws, Jerry and Sharon and the potential break-up of their forty-year marriage is explored.  Mrs. Merkle or Mrs. Miracle, as the twins would say, brings sunshine to all of their lives, making her a miracle worker, indeed.  MRS. MIRACLE is a great pick-me-up for the holidays and all year long.  I enjoyed this story immensely and look forward to the next book by author extraordinaire Debbie Macomber.  With well-drawn, charismatic characters, an imaginative plot, humor and romance, this story is unforgettable and I highly recommend it.  Buy a copy. You won’t regret it!

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