Mrs. Robin’s Sons

Author: Kori Roberts

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: February 5, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Rylee works as a hotel manager in Chicago and is perfectly happy with her job but at thirty-six years old, she longs for the settled life her friends all seem to have.  She recently broke off her engagement after catching her fiancé in her bed with another woman and is convinced she sucks at relationships - but then she meets Nick and things start to look up.

Nick lives in Wisconsin where he breeds and trains dogs along with his bother Noah.  He’s visiting Chicago where he plans to celebrate his birthday with Noah but before he arrives Nick encounters the most enticing woman he’s ever met.  It’s looking like his birthday just got infinitely better.  After a night of red hot passion, he’s interested in continuing the relationship but Rylee’s not sure that’s a good idea.  He’s only twenty-two years old and she’s positive that he’s too young for her.


They soon embark on a long distance relationship which neither of them can resist.  They seize every chance they have to be together and soon their ‘one night’ turns into a red-hot romance.  Rylee’s relationship with Nick seems to be everything they could hope for but there’s one troubling problem - she’s attracted to Noah, and he returns those feelings.  Fortunately she won’t have to choose between the men, they’re perfectly willing to share.  


With disapproving friends and family as well as their own insecurities threatening their happily ever after, staying together may prove to be more challenging than any of them anticipated.  Will they be able to get past misguided impressions and hurt feelings and realize a love like theirs is too precious to throw away?


What mother doesn’t want the absolute best for her children?  In MS. ROBIN’S SONS readers are treated to a scorching romance complete with a mother’s honest reaction to her sons’ unique romantic relationship.  I especially enjoyed the emotional roller coaster as Rylee, Nick and Noah struggle with their insecurities and try to find a way to be together despite their physical distance.  Kori Roberts gives readers an interesting look at not just the relationship between the trio but how it’s affected by Ms. Robin’s disapproval.


I’ve developed a fondness for the ‘cougar’ stories lately so am thrilled to see so many authors venturing into the older woman, younger man storyline.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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