Mulligan Magic
By Dawn Mercier
Jun 11, 2003 - 5:22:00 AM

Mary Margaret Mulligan (Maggie) returns to her home in Ballybronagh, Ireland and the family home of the Caislean Dubh.  All Maggie was wishing for was to pursue her teaching career, here in her home where she belonged.  She has fought long and hard to get where she is today, and is determined to see that the school stays functional and financially stable. 

Yet she finds herself smitten, and more than a little curious, about the new family in town that has just moved into the Donovan Cottage.  An American living with his elderly aunt and young cousin.  What is it about Nick Desmond that piques Maggie’s interest so much? And why is it that the handsome American looks like someone she used to know, intimately?   Finding out the truth could prove to be dangerous, as some secrets would be better off not discovered.

Nick Desmond, former New York City policeman, is a man on a mission.  A mission bent on avenging the death of his beloved father by the hands of a dangerous, and murderous drug lord, a New York City mafia if you will…

He soon finds out that his so-called mission will take him halfway across the world to the enchanting, magical lands of Ballybronagh, Ireland.  A small, cozy village in Ireland shrouded in dark secrets better left untouched.  Going there would cause any normal human being to turn around a run away, but Nick couldn’t bring himself to turn his back on the woman who had hired him to protect her and her granddaughter so that they could begin a brand new life, far away from the murder and deception that lay in wait back home.

Strange things begin to happen in the quiet little village, as soon as Nick comes across an ancient remnant in the ruins of the old church.   Voices begin chanting, ghost-like beings are spotted by the ocean front, and for the likes of him, Nick can’t figure out why he has become suddenly enthralled, even captivated by the local auburn haired teacher that clouds his mind with every waking thought. 

Drawn to Maggie Mulligan by some unknown force Nick doesn’t even want to consider, because to do so would mean he truly WAS losing his mind.   But the thought and sight of her causes desires and awakenings Nick has pushed aside since his fathers death, vowing not to succumb to such urges, especially now since he had more than himself to protect from the lurking evil that surrounded Ballybronagh.

Nick and Maggie find themselves on a magical roller coaster ride, which could only end in disaster for all involved.  The risk they take is a great one, but together they hope to find the key to the secrets that surround them, if for no other reason than to save the ones they love from an inevitable doom…and find out what destiny awaits them behind the voices, and events in Ballybronagh…

In the follow up sequel to Mulligan Stew, Ms Stover weaves a tale of magic, love, passion, and danger into Mulligan Magic.  Being a fan of paranormal romance myself, I was drawn to this book due to the paranormal elements it contained.  Not to mention, as soon as I read the first page, I was toast…. I couldn’t for the life of me put it down.  I’m only sorry that I didn’t get to read the first one first, but do not fret, Mulligan Magic can be read without reading Mulligan Stew first, that is for certain.

The only thing that I found lacking in Mulligan Magic was vampires…. Had this had vampires, it would have been the perfect romance novel for me.  Being that this was the first contemporary romance I have read in a long time, and the first novel I have ever read of Deb Stover’s, I know for sure I will be entertaining myself with more of her work soon.

I suggest you get yourself a copy of Mulligan Magic, and if you love a good Irish tale, this one takes the cake!!

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