Author: Leigh Ellwood

Publisher: Phaze

Release Date: December 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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In the middle of a divorce, Tania Garber feels she’s lost her inspiration for writing romance. Catching her husband having an affair makes it hard to create a happily ever after for her fictional characters. Now she’s afraid she’s washed up as a writer. Her agent is hounding her to produce something to stall the publishers and Tania is given a mere week to rekindle her talents. She thought her writer’s block was going to get the best of her until her new neighbor moves in downstairs. One look at Wesley Boone and her fingers race over the keyboard.

Boone is a photographer from L.A. sent to the beaches of Virginia for rest and relaxation. Doctor’s orders are to get rid of any stressful distractions and recharge his creative juices so he can return to his profession with a new eye. Endless shoots have given Boone a bad case of burn out that he hopes will vanish with his vacation. Unfortunately, he was unable to get rid of all unwanted interruptions. Before Boone could tell his current lover he wanted to end their affair, Alisha invites herself to Virginia. Boone figures he’ll somehow find a way to tactfully end their relationship and until then she can enjoy the beaches while he goes his own way. Then he meets Tania, the definition of sweet distraction, and it’s not long before they’re sharing the same bed, couch, chair…

Neither Tania nor Boone is looking for love at such difficult times in their lives but it finds them anyway. Through Tania, readers experience the fascinating ups and downs of her career, the stress of deadlines and how the conflicts around her affect her storyline. With Boone, she discovers the fuel for her hero and a real life passion of her own. With Tania in his life, revives the joy of photography as well as finds a woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. However, as you can imagine, Boone’s situation with Alisha blows up in his face. With Tania still hurting over her ex’s affair, combined with Boone’s unintentional secrets, the couple is driven apart. MUSE is another great addition to Leigh Ellwood’s growing list of fabulous, passionate romances!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tracy Marsac

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