Music of the Heart
By Janalee
Apr 9, 2013 - 7:52:52 AM

Abby Renard is at Rock Nation to meet up with her brothers’ Christian rock group, Jacob’s Ladder, to tour with them for the summer. Only problem is, there are rows and rows of tour buses and they all look the same. Abby finally gets a roadie to point out her brothers’ bus. Well, she thought it was the right bus. Nope, not even close.

Abby finds herself in Runway Train’s bus, a wildly famous rock group known for womanizing and being hard-core. To top it off, she accidentally mistakes lead singer, Jake Slater, for her brother, which lands her in his bed. Oops...

Make no mistake, Abby may have been raised in a Christian lifestyle and is still a virgin at twenty-one, but she is no wallflower. When Jake makes Abby a proportion to spend one entire week on Runway Train’s tour bus, she does not back down. She takes the bet, wondering if maybe some of her goodness can rub off on Jake. Then again, maybe the sparks between will ignite.

MUSIC OF THE HEART is by author Katie Ashley. What a sexy, funny and heartfelt book. The premise is brilliantly executed and written with a remarkable flair that keeps this reader wanting to find out how these two characters work out their differences toward a perfect harmony. If you love bad boys, then pickup the book, because Jake will not disappoint!

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