My Best Friend's Girl
By Jenn L
Sep 9, 2008 - 4:01:59 PM

Kamryn Matika had it all; an upcoming marriage, a best friend she loved and a promising career.  But her world is shattered when her best friend’s secret is revealed.  The father of Adele’s daughter Tegan is Kamryn’s fiancé Nate.  Shocked and disillusioned by their betrayal, she walks away from them and vows never to see Nate, Adele or three-year-old Tegan ever again.

Two years after she walked away, fate and Adele’s illness have Kamryn facing a crossroads.  Her friend is dying and an innocent girl is losing her mother.  With a dying wish, Kamryn finds herself an instant mother with a demanding career.


A tumultuous meeting with her boss and the return of Nate add to her already complicated life.  Can Kamryn be the mother she needs to be? Can she overcome the pain of the past and embrace a future that promises to be more than she ever expected?


Dorothy Koomson’s MY BEST FRIEND’S GIRL is stellar from the first word to the very last.  Completely engrossing and emotionally riveting, it will have you crying and laughing until the very end.


Kamryn’s feelings of betrayal and uncertainty are all too real and her insurmountable strength is beyond commendable.  In her, we meet a woman like any other you may know.  She has troubles and doubts, yet she strives to survive and do what’s best for a young girl who is the embodiment of her greatest heartbreak.  Kamryn’s capacity to love is the single most amazing part of this novel; she is the best friend anyone would love to have for his or her very own.


MY BEST FRIEND’S GIRL is an absolute must have and a recommended read for certain.  Ms. Koomson has a real winner on her hands and I can’t wait to see what else she has to offer.

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