My Carina
By Chrissy
Sep 1, 2005 - 10:51:00 PM

Regan is playing tourist in Europe. She has two days left before heading back to the United States. At thirty-six years old she’s afraid she’s missing out on life’s experiences in favor of being practical. While in Rome, she bought an erotic book that she couldn’t even read with the tourist dictionary but the cover on the book has awakened desires in her that she has never experienced and is extremely curious about.

Giovanni encounters Regan when she is trying to purchase a second class ticket on the train to Venice. She couldn’t understand the agent, Giovanni spoke up and let her know that there is no second class on the train.

Discomfited by this stranger with the body of a Roman God, Regan spills her purse and when he bends down to help her retrieve her possessions, he picks up the book with the erotic cover. He now has a glimpse of Regan’s true desires. He’s determined to be the man to introduce her to BDSM and ensure that she enjoys it as much as he knows he will. Having found Regan’s passport after she had disappeared onto her train, Giovanni forgoes his own trip to Florence, and purchases a ticket on the train to Venice. Enthralled with the spark of desire he sees in her and the copy of ‘Prisoner of Sex’ in her possession. He finds her on the train after searching through the compartments under the pretext of returning the passport. Verbally sparring with her challenges him and turns him on in a way he’s never experienced.

Discovering her practical outlook on life makes him wonder where she makes time for passion. She claims that passion is not part of her nature, however, there’s the erotic book she has that tells him differently. He now realizes that Regan is a closet submissive and he fully intends to show her that she does indeed possess a passionate nature, she just needs the right man to bring it out in her, he intends to be that man. Until morning she will belong to him to use in any way he desires. They weren’t counting on the emotional connection they formed in their short time together in Venice. When Regan wakes up alone after having experienced Giovanni’s dominance she’s devastated and vows never to forgive him for leaving her like that. For Giovanni, finding Regan’s business card in his pocket after leaving her was a sign that he couldn’t let this woman go. Will she be able to forgive him for the hurt he had unintentionally inflicted and admit to loving him and his kind of domination?

MY CARINA captures the fantasies of exploring Europe as well as having the wonderfully exciting sexual experience with an Italian man. Like many women, Regan has denied her needs for domination because of her practicality and the desire to be independent. Giovanni loves her practical and independent nature, it gives him more reasons to administer the spanking they both enjoy so much. I must confess, I love the way Giovanni talks to Regan, telling her everything he’s going to do to her before he does it is incredibly arousing. Reese Gabriel always does a wonderful job capturing the beauty of BDSM and once again does not disappoint. This is a book you’ll want to read over and over again.

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