My Favorite Earthling
By Brenda Edde
Mar 5, 2007 - 2:56:00 PM

 Jared Jasper, a member of one of California’s foremost political family, is ready to get back to his normal life. The bone deep belief that has been instilled in him by his family that is it their duty to serve the public has always been best taken care of by his status as a National Guard pilot; his skill had come in handy helping his sister, Senator Jana Jasper and her extraterrestrial husband by flying the alien space ship meant to convince the Coalition of Earth’s capabilities to defend itself against invasion, however now he wants to get back to reality. As the fates would have it he stumbles over the space craft the assassin sent to kill Jana’s husband, FarStar had crashed in. The pilot in him just had to do the "check it out thing" and in doing so triggers the link to the Queen Kierra, leader of the Coalition, their conversation starts them down a path that will change both of their lives.

Queen Kierra has a bit of a reputation; gorgeous, spoiled, willful and wildly unpredictable are a few of the nicer things said about her. She also has no interest in the actual day by day work of leading her government. She is the Queen after all and as far as she is concerned all she has to do is keep herself fit and ready for the day she will marry, which will be on her terms or else! However, when she complains to her ministers of "Prince Jared’s" call to her link, her fate becomes linked as only politicians can manipulate with the upstart Planet Earth.

Susan Grant has done it again, MY FAVORITE EARTHLING, sequel to YOUR PLANET OR MINE blends humor and intrigue in a roller coaster ride of action and romance. Jared Jasper’s pilot machismo lands him in a political twist, his deeply ingrained sense of duty and protective tendencies are brought to the forefront in this laugh a minute romp by his need to save the Earth and his new wife, the Queen’s, deeply hidden fears. I loved the way Ms. Grant takes the very real possibility that we are not the only sentient race in the universe, adds the twist of political manipulation on both the Earth and the Coalitions side and gives us the Jasper’s, a political family whose deeply ingrained belief in service to the public results in saving the planet from the marauding Coalition. We can only hope should the day come when First Contact comes to Earth we will have a family like the Jaspers there to protect us.

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