My Favorite Mistake

Author: Beth Kendrick

Publisher: Downtown Press

Release Date: August 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Faith Geary is seemingly content with her solitary life as a writer for a popular food magazine.  She enjoys the changing scenery, if not what the constant time zone changes do to her body.  She would much rather have a killer case of jet lag than deal with another of her sister's crises.  Skye calls and pitifully pleads for Faith to come home to Minnesota.  Through all the crying, Faith finally learns Skye's second husband has run off and the bar they own and manage is in financial ruin.  Despite having spent nearly all her savings to buy the Roof Rat, bailing her sibling out again is the last thing she wants to do, so Faith refuses to return home.  Then she learns Skye is pregnant and, always the responsilbe one, she reluctantly heads home.  Once there, Faith realizes the situation is much worse than she feared.  She discovers that a third of the nearly bankrupt bar she co-signed for is owned by her old flame Patrick Flynn.  After their first encounter in ten years, it's obvious Flynn harbors deep feelings of resentment over their abrupt break up.  With forecloser looming a mere thirty days away, Faith wants nothing more than to help her sister and get out of town as fast as she can and avoid Flynn altogether.

So Faith bravely, and hilariously, handles her sister's love life, a peeing contest, a floundering bar, and a high school rival along with trying to put out the flames of a rekindled love.  One second thought, maybe she'll fan them a bit just to see how high they go...

MY FAVORITE MISTAKE overflows with humor as Faith confronts her past and is thrown into chaos at every turn.  Faith is very personable and Beth Kendrick did an outstanding job of creating a very three-dimensional character.  You'll love watching Faith reconnect with her bubbly, if somewhat absentminded, sister.  Although you never get Flynn's point of view, it's obvious he was hurt by Faith's exit ten years ago but still hopeful of a new beginning.  A wonderfully crafted chick lit tale!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tracy Marsac

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