Sexplorations Series, Book 3 – My Fishnet Fetish
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 13, 2009 - 1:46:10 PM

Nadine ‘Dini’ Summers, a.k.a. I.M. Blue and Steampunk Suzie’s mom, has an iron clad rule that she never engages in sexual activity with any man more than once.  It’s Diva Dini rule number one.  Besides she has a life that’s plenty busy as it is – filled with good friends, her comic and her writing career.  Yes, life is good except for the troublesome running toilet and drug dealers doing business outside her apartment building.  Of course if it wasn’t for those two things she would have never met Jonas and had her already nutty world thrown totally out of whack.

Detective Jonas Smith agreed to take on the follow-up call as a favor to one of his buddies.  He isn’t too concerned since chances are it’s a nosy biddy who has nothing better to do than spy on the neighborhood.  The last thing he expects is for the door to be answered by his own fantasy woman complete with fishnet stockings and fairy wings.  He can’t help but view her as a Sex-Pixie but he has to get down to business and take the report, even though he’s distracted by her appearance and the discovery that she writes Steampunk Suzie, it’s a favored comic among the detectives.


Jonas isn’t in any big hurry to leave Dini’s apartment so he volunteers to take a look at her problem toilet – and she takes full advantage of showing off her ummm… assets while she twists the valve thing underneath to turn the water back on.  After he discovers the cause of the problem she invites him out for a drink at a local bar and the conversation quickly takes on a more sexual connotation and Dini decides that he’s the perfect man to help her with a bit of research.  Only the sex is so hot that Dini can’t stop thinking about him.  Her friends Fenny and Dee encourage her to break her own rules and Jonas is very creative in talking her into seeing him again – and again.


MY FISHNET FETISH is just as wonderful as the first two books in the SEXPLORATIONS series.  The friendship between Fenny, Dee and Dini is just as vital as the budding relationship between Dini and Jonas.  The conversations between the women are simply delightful with phrases that are laugh out loud funny and leave a vivid image in your imagination.  I could completely understand Dini’s reasoning for her outlook on sexual relationships and just how hard Jonas would have to work to change her mind.  This is one of those rare stories, and series for that matter, that is an honest to goodness pleasure to read and certainly worthy of adding to the keeper shelf.  Sahara Kelly and Ciana Stone have certainly pulled out all the stops and brought their wacky personalities to the forefront for this series – and I’m so thrilled to have had the opportunity to get to know these characters through the authors’ eyes.


We’re introduced to a new character in this story who will be joining the group of friends.  Stella Walker writes as S.E. Howard and I can’t wait to find out how she fits in with this wild and crazy bunch.  Her story will be the next one released, FINDING HER RHYTHM.


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