My Husband’s Sweethearts
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 1, 2009 - 6:33:07 AM

Lucy Shoreman was stunned when she learned that her charming, thoughtful husband had cheated on her – not once but three times - only according to him two of the women were ‘souvenirs’ from before he met her, the third was an accident.  She left him and isn’t willing to forgive him but learning that he’s dying has her reevaluating how she truly feels about the whole situation.

Lucy’s resentment of Artie’s ‘sweethearts’ burns deep and so does her anger that not a single one of them is there for him now. Why should she have to go through all this alone?  Artie’s response is to hand her his black book and tells her to call them – of course he doesn’t think she’ll really do it.  Alcohol is a beautiful thing though and after a few drinks she looks through the book and starts dialing.  She leaves messages for some “Artie Shoreman is dying. Please call to schedule your turn at his deathbed,” and talked with another woman who blatantly stated that Artie could rot in hell for all she cared.  She gets an odd sense of satisfaction out of making the calls, but nothing prepared her for actually meeting some of these women, or the son he kept secret from her.


Artie’s made mistakes.  He’s well aware that he hurt Lucy but nothing he can do will fix the situation now.  He had every intention of wooing her back to his side but his dying wasn’t exactly the reason he wanted her to return.  His attempts at winning her back through flowers and meaningful messages aren’t working but maybe she’ll find some sort of peace, acceptance, and possibly even support from the women he’s known and loved. 


I approached this book not understanding the full impact it would have on me.  I expected a woman to be strutting her husband’s lovers past his deathbed – one by one - as an act of vengeance.  What I read was so much more fulfilling and emotionally charged that I actually teared up several times and had to laugh at some scenes.  MY HUSBAND’S SWEETHEARTS does deal with the impact Artie’s cheating and lying have on Lucy but there’s an ‘innocence’ to his actions that stunned me and through it all it’s extremely obvious that he absolutely loves Lucy.  Bridget Asher delivers a heart wrenching story through the eyes of Lucy as she comes to know each of her husband’s sweethearts and develops friendships with them.  Ms. Asher uses dry humor and tells this story so that readers can empathize with her emotionally and ‘grow’ with her as she accepts the other women in her life and the loss of her husband. 


MY HUSBAND’S SWEETHEARTS captured and held my attention from beginning to end with its quirky characters, emotional circumstances, quick witty dialog and heartfelt reactions.  This is one novel you shouldn’t pass up if you’re looking for a book that delivers a truly satisfying storyline.



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