My Long Tall Texas Heartthrob
By Bea Sigman
Jul 1, 2004 - 1:37:00 AM

When Tess Anderson got the call from her sister Chloe, she figured her sister did something stupid again.  But she never expected her sister to tell her she was pregnant and had been abandoned by her child's father.  Knowing Chloe needs her Tess takes some time off, and can manage most of her
Hollywood clients from Texas
over the phone.

Tess is in for a big surprise when she arrives in Cedar Dell, Texas .  Not only is her sister pregnant, but with twins! And Chloe is refusing to move out of the rundown trailer she has been living in with her boyfriend, Snake because she knows that he is coming back for her and their babies.  Then factor in the oh-so-sexy Nick Sutherland and Tess is at her wit's end. 

Nick Sutherland came to Cedar Dell looking to make up for his past.  Giving legal aide to the elderly and building and remodeling places for people to stay, Nick is the overall love of the town.  So when the Widow Duncan asked him to get Chloe out of the trailer, he didn't say no.  The place Chloe lived in was a disaster and no matter how much help he offered her, she kept turning him down. 

When Tess walked into the ballroom that Nick was remodeling, he ended caught up in the biggest fantasy he could think of.  Tess is sassy, beautiful and very much on his side in helping to get Chloe moved.  And when he finds the break-in and destruction at the trailer, Nick knows that he needs to stick close to the Anderson sisters.  The more time he spends with Tess, though, has Nick finding himself with feelings that he has long denied.  So when Chloe runs away after giving birth to her twins, Nick is given the time he needs to convince Tess that she should stay in Cedar Dell for good.  But will Tess see it that way or will her regular life intrude so much that she will bolt back to California with the twins?

Ms. Dawson has written an exciting romance story with just the right amount of mystery, laughter and love to be a perfect summer read.  Nick ran from the big city life to live in a small town, and now he is dying to get Tess to do the same thing.  But poor Tess, she likes her creature comforts and sometimes a person can't always see how great the simple things in life can be.  Seeing her deal with the twins, Chloe and then falling in love with Nick is an exciting ride that I' m sure will keep you enthralled in this story.  MY LONG TALL TEXAS HEARTTHROB is one story you won' t want to miss this summer.  So grab a copy, pour a cool drink and settle in for a superb read.

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