My Nerdy Valentine

Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson

Publisher: St. Martins

Release Date: January 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Amanda Rykowsky is a beautiful young woman who is focused solely on achieving her goals.  She is an aspiring psychologist who works as an intern for a crazy sex therapist and a bartender at a place known as “The Geekland.”   She does not want to be involved with a man until her dreams have been achieved.  But when she meets the sexy William in the most embarrassing way, she feels her heart race and her pulse quicken whenever he comes around.  She knows she must discourage him, but when she needs help to find out who the psycho is that is sending her scary valentines, she finds herself falling in love with William.  Will Amanda find a way to continue her goals and allow William into her heart?  Or will she maintain her belief of no relationship and suffer through a broken-heart?   

William Sloan is a charming stockbroker who has suffered a broken-heart from the past.  When he runs into Amanda in the hall and helps her pick up some questionable items she drops, he finds himself completely spellbound by the riveting young lady.  He is shocked by the deep passion that she elicits from him.  Even though Amanda keeps turning down his advances, he agrees to help protect her from a madman.  But William has ulterior motives to helping her; he thinks he can spark the lust between them.  He has vowed to protect her because he does not want to see the woman he has fallen in love with harmed in any way.  Will William be able to convince Amanda that he loves her and will help her achieve her dreams?  Or will he lose his heart and grudgingly walk away from the love of his life?


Within the pages of MY NERDY VALENTINE you will encounter an exquisite tale that will tickle your funny bone, have you reaching for a fan to cool off from the intense passion and grabbing tissues to dry your eyes from the wonderful romance.  Ms. Thompson has penned another award winning tale with a compelling plot, charismatic characters and an everlasting love story.  I pulled an all-nighter reading this enchanting tale.  I laughed out loud from the very first page!  I loved both characters.  Amanda is dedicated to her studies and wants to succeed.  She is stubborn and witty.  William is charming, passionate and dedicated to helping Amanda.  The witty bantering between the characters is a lot of fun.  The secondary characters are unforgettable, especially Gloria, the sex therapist!  They really add a lot of flavor to the storyline.   I can not emphasize enough that MY NERDY VALENTINE is a must read and is going on my top shelf to re-read again.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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