My One and Only Love

Author: Melanie Schuster

Publisher: BET Books/Arabesque

Release Date: August 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Ceylon Simmons has it all, or so it seems to the rest of the world.  She shines as a talented singer, actress and comedienne.  She didn’t have an easy childhood but was lucky enough to be raised by loving grandparents and blessed with talent, allowing her to work her way to fame and fortune.  So why has she been looking so skinny, tense and completely exhausted lately?  Something is wrong - so wrong that when the shooting for her latest movie finishes, Ceylon lets herself get talked into taking a vacation at a close friend’s house in St. Simon’s.  What kind of problems can someone with such a perfect life be having?  Well, when your business manager sneaks out of the country with the contents of your bank accounts after evading tax payments for years and you’re responsible to pay a looming mountain of debt, things are certainly not going your way.  When that business manager is your brother and the mother who didn’t want you convinces you not to press charges or even try to get your hard-earned money back, things are even worse.  No wonder Ceylon needs a vacation!  She’s been working herself to exhaustion without complaint for far too long to try to repay the debts, keeping her marvelous sense of humor all the while.

Martin Deveraux has some free time, so he shows up at his family’s vacation home in St. Simon’s to install the new shower he’s been promising.  He doesn’t expect to find Ceylon there, any more than she expects to see him.  Ceylon has been attracted to Martin for years but he isn’t interested in a relationship with any woman, not after the way his ex-wife treated him.  She betrayed him, then deserted him after an accident left him scarred.  And the scars are far more than just physical.  Ceylon loves Martin the man, with or without scars.  She wants a relationship with Martin, a much deeper one than the friendship they now share and one that doesn’t end when the vacation ends and they return to their everyday lives. Can she convince him that he isn’t defined by the scars he bears?  Can Martin overcome one woman’s betrayal and believe not only that Ceylon is in love with him, but that he deserves her love?

MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE is an emotional story, with highs and lows that will touch your heart.  There are moments that show the very best of what family and friendship can mean.  In contrast, we also see the worst of what a family can do.  But while some people may be beyond redemption, it’s refreshing to see that others can learn from their mistakes and their pasts.  This book has everything: happiness, tears and suspense with plenty of humor throughout the story.  I just kept turning the pages, not wanting to put the book down yet not wanting this wonderful story to end.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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