My Pet

Author: J. W. McKenna

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: August 8, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Annette is looking for something or someone in her life to fill an unsatisfied feeling that leaves a void in her life.  A search on the Internet reveals stories of women who actually live the life and the things they were willing to suffer for their Masters.

Reading about these women awakened something in her life that has been missing.  She wanted more than what was on-line.  She wanted a master, someone who would tie her up and spank her when she needed it.  Most of all, she wants someone to talk to about these feelings and how to cope with or put them to work.

Annette meets Master Paul in a BDSM chat room.  At first, she's very careful about what she says, being aware that the person on the other end could be either an FBI agent or a pervert. 

Master Paul begins working with her through their chats.  Eventually, when she admits she is ready, he starts giving her things to do.  Things she would never do on her own.

Once she's given control up to Master Paul, she's invited for a weekend.  During the weekend she's to experience first-hand some of the training to expect should she decide this is the life she wants.


James Carmichael works for Master Paul as a trainer.  He's in his element and loves his job.  He's assigned to train Annette, but never expects to fall in love with her.  James cannot let her be sold at auction once her training is completed.

Mr. McKenna is at his best with MY PET.  His visuals as he takes the reader through Annette's journey are unbelievable.  You feel like you're watching every move and feeling every emotion she feels.  This is not for anyone under the age of eighteen.  The sexual content and the training exercises are quite graphic.  I'm a fan of Mr. McKenna's work and I loved the story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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