My Shadow, My Love
By Moon Tee
Sep 4, 2006 - 1:48:00 AM

When Cassie Dahlgren completes her police training, she finds that there are not many jobs available. She finds a job working with horses at a stable and witnesses a murder.  She has to hide, and fast, so her boss refers her to an agency for protection. She meets Rick Jarrett who works with the technicians at the agency. Rick is much older then Cassie but she has to fight the attraction for him as soon as they meet. She is drawn to him. But Rick sends her to a safe house to be protected by a couple he knows. Cassie knows that she is in love with Rick and when she is with him, she feels protected. But she is soon in danger from her former boss and needs Rick’s protection again. Will she be able to fight the attraction and the love she feels for Rick? Does Rick feel the same way?

Rick Jarrett works with technicians. When he first meets Cassie Dahlgren, he feels a strong attraction to her. Rick must fight his feelings for her because he feels that they will get in the way of protecting her, so he sends her to a safe house where she can be protected. But he soon finds out that his feelings are too strong for him to stay away from her, and he needs to be with her. He learns that Cassie feels the same way and soon Rick must protect Cassie from her ex-boss. Rick must work hard to keep Cassie safe and make her feel safe again. Will he be able to protect her and be with that one woman he wants to spend a lifetime with?

Sharon Horton has written a suspenseful tale that will keep you reading until the very end. Rick and Cassie are made for each other. Cassie is refreshing and Rick oozes charm that drips from the pages when he is with Cassie. MY SHADOW, MY LOVE is a very delicious book to read and the secondary charters blend in well, making this book a page turner. With the curves Ms. Horton throws into the story you never know what will happen next. Thank you Ms. Horton for such a wonderful book.

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