My Sister's Ex
By natasha2
Jul 13, 2010 - 5:18:05 PM

Following in the tradition of some of her other titles such as MY Husband’s Girlfriend and My Daughter’s Boyfriend, Cydney Rax has created another story full of complex family issues with MY Sister’s Ex.  This is a compelling story about navigating through the issues only family can put you through and pull you through. 

Marlene is a plus-sized woman with self-esteem issues that cause her to feel inadequate within her own family.  She has a half-sister, Rachel, who is her roommate and nemesis.  Marlene feels that her father loves Rachel more than her.  She has finally gotten the man of her dreams, but he just happens to be Rachel’s ex-fiance, Jeffrey Williams.  Marlene thinks Jeffrey feels as much for her as she does for him.

Rachel feels that her sister Marlene is just jealous of her and wants attention from their father.  Rachel faces the ultimate betrayal when she discovers Marlene is dating her ex.  Feelings of love and protectiveness win out in Rachel as she tries to protect Marlene from Jeffrey’s intentions.  Rachel truly believes that Jeffrey is using her sister to get back into her life and ultimately back into a relationship with him.  She must figure out how to show his true intentions to Marlene while causing her minimal pain.  Both women have to decide if they want their relationship to survive or will they allow a man to come between them.  Will they both discover in time that blood truly is thicker that water?


This was an awesome read.  The story has many complex issues that have to be dealt with delicately.  The relationship between the two sisters is strained by the contentious and competitive relationship of their mothers.  They love each other and want to be there for each other but they allow their mother’s issues to become their own and blame each other for past hurts that do not involve them.


Ms. Rax’s stories often contain very emotional issues that are handled in a satisfying and realistic manner.  She does not end the story with a “happily ever after” but allows the two sisters to recognize they love and need each other and have to work on their issues together.



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