My Sisters

Author: Ann Roth

Publisher: Zebra Books-Kensington Publishing Corp.

Release Date: November 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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When Susan Lansing is killed in an accident, it falls upon her daughters to close up her home and settle her estate. Unfortunately, this means nothing but stress and a return to unhappy memories for the three sisters. They remember growing up in this house with a mother who’d grown bitter and silent after their father suddenly walked out on them.

Margaret is the oldest and the “brains” of the group. She is sure she’s the reason for her parents’ split. The one thing her mother and she could agree upon was that men were more trouble than they were worth.

Rose is the proverbial middle child; always trying to make sure everyone is comfortable. Wishing for a baby and so far not being able to conceive has placed a terrible strain on her marriage. Maybe it’s time to call it quits.

Quincy is a “wild child”, living in Las Vegas, never quite growing up. She is beautiful and she knows how to use her “assets” to get what she wants. But there is much more to her than just her looks. Coming home again may be just the ticket to her realizing that she does have a brain as well.

MY SISTERS by Ann Roth is a very enjoyable, very poignant but uplifting story about three sisters who learn to be friends. Never particularly close, they are very different, yet they all remember their mother in the same way. By packing up their childhood home, attending their mother’s funeral and meeting many of her friends and business associates, they are able to understand Susan’s actions while they were growing up. In turn, they are each able to let go of unpleasant memories and form a bond with each other. While the subject matter might seem like a tear-jerker, author Ann Roth has written such a wonderful story that you feel good while reading it. Simply put, MY SISTERS is a terrific novel that should not be missed.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brooke Wills

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