Coulter Family - My Sunshine
By Sarah W
Jan 1, 2005 - 6:19:00 AM

Forced to give up a great career as an environmental scientist due to a diving accident, Laura Townsend suffers from aphasia, which impairs her ability to speak and process numbers, amongst other things. She wants a job that will bring her back into contact with people though, so the opportunity to work at Isaiah Coulter's veterinary practice is right up her alley. Laura loves animals and doesn't mind doing the more mundane chores of kennel work. Despite the brain damage she suffers from, Laura works hard every day to prove that hiring her wasn't a mistake. She has come a long way since her accident five years ago and she's determined to continue to improve.

Isaiah Coulter hired Laura as a favor to his mother, but he quickly falls under the spell of the beautiful and hard working woman who won't accept any special treatment. He's a dedicated bachelor, but Laura is testing his ability to remain that way. He adores the way she treats the animals, loves how she brings in treats for the other employees, and in general, has come to have very deep feelings for her, as loath as he is to admit it. But when someone starts framing Laura for so-called 'accidents' at work, Isaiah becomes very suspicious. He knows Laura is a very careful and organized worker due to her disease, so he can't help but wonder who wants to hurt Laura? As he falls more in love with Laura, he's determined to figure out who is behind the malicious acts which have hurt several animals.


MY SUNSHINE is a breath of fresh air amongst stories that feature ordinary heroes and heroines. Catherine Anderson excels at creating characters that have survived insurmountable circumstances. Laura's ability to find the positive in everyone, in any situation, truly makes her a great character. Though she's had some hard knocks in life, she's making her life work for her. It's not what she expected, but as Ms. Anderson so cleverly shows, it's not all bad. With the entrance of Isaiah into her life, Laura finally falls in love, but she fears that her disease could be a set back for him so she tries not to pursue anything more than friendship. Isaiah has different ideas however. He wants Laura in his life. I think what makes Isaiah such a great character, such a believable character, is that he pitied Laura in the beginning before he got to know her. He only saw the brain damage, he didn't see the real woman coping and surviving in a world that isn't always very kind to people with disabilities. This is a touching and romantic story that will hopefully make us all see each other's handicaps in a more positive light. This was another truly exceptional story by Ms. Anderson.

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