My Three Husbands

Author: Swan Adamson

Publisher: Kensington

Release Date: June 1, 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3

Format: PRINT

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Venus Gilroy had a problem with men. She lost her first man at the age of 5 when her daddy left her for another man. While her time spent with ‘the dads’ was exciting and glamorous, she was angry and hurt by ‘daddy one’s’ betrayal and she spent her growing up years competing with ‘daddy two’. Her first husband was a total escape from her mother’s house. Her second husband was her caretaker. And finally Hubby three, Tremaynne, could he be the one?

Tremaynne Woods, an alternative media star, who is more at home in the trees than a five star hotel, is as broke as Venus. He likes to spend his time and energy saving the world from the evils of capitalization. However, when Venus’ ‘dads’ offer to pay for their honeymoon he is more than willing to go. Is the honeymoon his only motivation for wanting to go to the wilds of Idaho?


Charged by elks, chased by a bear, bound by paramilitary buffoons, and frightened by eco-warriors, Venus and Tremaynne start their honeymoon from Hades with the dads in tow.


Swan Adamson sense of humor is to die for. Her timing and wit make the book fly past you, as you roll from one tongue in cheek moment to the next gut splitting adventure. A wonderful romp through one woman’s loves.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Rae Douglas

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