My Wicked Gladiators
By pamelalynne
May 4, 2012 - 6:21:47 PM

Alba is a woman who is becoming unhappy in her marriage. She is free to have relations with any of the slaves, but the gladiators are forbidden. Lately, she has been captivated by one of her husband's gladiators, Marcus. After a meeting with Alba's husband, Marcus stumbles upon Alba in her bath. Knowing that her husband has just left home only makes her decision that much easier, and that is how Alba finds herself giving into temptation and having an affair with Marcus.

When Alba's husband tells her that the only way for them to secure patronage from one of the wealthiest men in the city is for her to become pregnant, Alba is confused. She believes herself to be barren, but is shocked when the doctor says that she may very well be fertile. It seems the blame may lie with her husband. Alba's husband then angers her by announcing that she will sleep with one of the slaves in order to achieve conception. If she does not comply, then he is threatening to divorce her.

Alba reluctantly agrees, seeing as how she has no other options. That is how she finds herself having monthly meetings with a mysterious stranger. It does not take long for her to determine that the stranger is a gladiator by the name of Caius. Alba is overwhelmed at how well these two gladiators have treated her. She soon comes to the realization that she is in love with two very different men, Marcus and Caius, and that she will do anything to unite the three of them forever.

MY WICKED GLADIATORS is one of the best erotic romances that I have ever read to date. It easily climbs up to number one on my top ten favorites list. MY WICKED GLADIATORS is daring, sensual and captivating. It definitely gave me a new outlook on the Roman people and their lifestyles. I was very fascinated by the gladiators' backgrounds as well, so much so that I was up all night just to finish it. MY WICKED GLADIATORS boldly goes where no romance has gone before. I have seen lots of books with love triangles, but I have yet to see one with a story as soul-wrenching as that of Alba, Marcus and Caius. MY WICKED GLADIATORS is a keeper.

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