My Beautiful Disaster
By Lacey
Apr 10, 2008 - 9:10:40 AM

Dixie Chambers is considered part of the “in” crowd since she is friends with the two most popular girls in school. With the idea of fun in mind, she obtains a fake ID, sneaks into a bar and catches the eye of the band’s lead guitarist. But that night proves to be a life changing reality that would only get worse before it got better. 

Once teenage Dixie meets Vince, she’s head over heels. He’s cute, he’s nice and ultimately the perfect man in her eyes. He invites her to Blind Reality’s practice, where she soon finds they are in desperate need for a new guitarist since the other one quit. Quick thinking and a helpful guitar-playing brother gave her the “in” she needs to start dating Vince.

Though she never planned it, and it is the last thing she ever expected, Dixie soon finds herself pregnant with Vince’s child. But as suave as Vince may seem, he isn’t ready for a baby and wants her to get rid of it. With tough decisions ahead, Dixie finds her life spiraling out of her control. What’s a girl to do?

MY BEAUTIFUL DISASTER is a rare emotionally-charged story of real-life happenings in today’s society. I love the perspective Ms. Buckman portrayed through the character Dixie, who is not only a strong and sensible young woman, but she’s also typically human. This story is amazing and definitely not one to pass up.

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