By Suzie Housley
Apr 10, 2011 - 4:19:27 PM


It is only when our peaceful world is threatened

that we find out what is important in our lives . . .

Danielle "Dani" Romano and her husband Mikael's jobs have got in the way of having a happy marriage.  They once shared an electrifying sex life where they were eager to explore unchartered territory.  Now, with Mikael traveling the majority of the time and Danielle working long hours at a clinic, it is impossible to find time for each other.


One night when Dani was coming home late from the clinic, she finds that her home has been invaded.  To her shock, the intruder is still in her house.  She tries to defend her property, but the burglar is much stronger than her, and easily overpowers her.  In a matter of minutes, she finds herself bound, gagged and blindfolded.


She feels herself being lifted by the thief, and thrown into what she thinks is the back of a van.  Dani fears for her life, and wonders if she will ever see Mikael again. When the vehicle stops, Dani is carried to a place where she finds herself thrown on a bed.  The intruder quickly rids her of her clothes.  He then begins to allow his body to tease her senses. 


Dani is shocked that she finds herself enjoying what her kidnapper is doing to her body.  She questions whether this is reality, or a page from her deepest darkest fantasy.  What else will Dani encounter with her abduction? Will she be able to survive the ordeal and be able to go back to the safety of her life with Mikael?


Nicole Austin's TAKEN should win the 2011 award for suspense of the year.  Her writing style is so realistic; you can feel every emotion the characters are experiencing.  TAKEN is a book that you will not be able to figure out until the last pages are reveals.  Then as you finish the last passage you will find yourself stunned at how it ended.  I highly recommend TAKEN to anyone who enjoys a high action, heart stopping, romance. 

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