One Bachelor To Go
By Kim Atchue-Cusella
Feb 24, 2004 - 11:05:00 AM

The last thing on Emily Winters mind is marriage. After a disastrous union with her ex-husband, she just wants to be single and concentrate on her job as VP of Global Sales. Her father Lloyd Winters has other ideas, and tries to fulfill them by playing matchmaker. Emily's plan is to do her own matchmaking scheme to marry off the single guys at Wincraft, where her father is the CEO, and squelch his ideas once and for all. Caremella, her father's secretary, is her partner in crime. They have married off all but one single man, Jack Devon, who is the VP of business and development.

Jack has been named Boston Magazine's most eligible bachelor, Emily considers herself safe since she is not his type of woman. That is until, Lloyd decides to send the two off to Reno for a business trip staying at the family mountain home. Jack is a very private person and dreads spending a week in such close quarters with his Boss's daughter. Hoping to impress Jack with her business knowledge, Emily leaves more than that for Jack to think about.  Sparks fly and the fun begins. The week ends with each knowing secrets about the other and a secret to share.

I enjoyed this ONE BACHELOR TO GO and read it in one sitting, as it was very hard to put down. The humorous happenings added to the romantic moments. I would advise readers to grab up ONE BACHELOR TO GO and settle down for a great story. I am very excited to find another great author to add to my list when I hit the bookstore.

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