White Hot
By pamelalynne
Jul 14, 2012 - 2:55:30 PM

Clint Walker is a lieutenant for the U.S. Navy. He has just stolen some very valuable information and is in the process of making his getaway when he makes a wrong turn. It does not take long for Clint to discover that a trap is being set up at the end of the road he is traveling down. That is when he decides to change his plan and double back the way he came and that's how he comes to be aboard Captain Sam Richardson's ship.

Sam is tired of the trial contract her father and his associates have set for her. Sam is more than capable of captaining her own ship and after she delivers her cargo, she plans to travel home and announce that she is ready for a permanent job. Things are going according to plan until a man, Clint, tries to stowaway on her ship. From that moment on, Sam is lost. She finds herself going to extremes to help Clint get his information to safety. Their closeness only leads to trouble, but their attraction for each other cannot be denied. Danger surrounds them, and Sam can only hope that she will not lose her head as well as her heart?

WHITE HOT is the second book in the dangerously sexy MEN IN UNIFORM series by author Nina Bruhns. It is unbelievably steamy. Each page turned was a moment lost in time for me. I could not get enough of the dark and smoldering hero, Clint. Who knew naval officers could be so hot?! I also enjoyed that the heroine, Sam, is not simple, as most women are portrayed in a lot of novels these days. She is definitely no stranger to hard work, and determined to hold her own in any situation. WHITE HOT is simply amazing and I cannot wait to read the next novel Ms. Bruhns produces.

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