The Real Deal – A Wild Ride Story
By Chrissy Dionne
May 15, 2009 - 3:33:01 PM

Willa Tate left behind the man she loves in Millbrook, Texas and took up a position at The Garden, a gentleman’s club.  The Garden specializes in burlesque shows that prove to be more tantalizing then actual nudity, but her heart’s not in the performance, it’s belongs to Chase Kiel and the life she left behind.

Chase Kiel has never understood why his lover Willa left him just when he was ready to get married and keep her at his side for the rest of their lives.  He’s spent years wondering what went wrong and now it looks like he’ll have the opportunity to get his questions answered.


The Garden is located an hour and a half away from the Kiel ranch so Willa never dreamed that any of the Kiel brothers would find her there.  That is until she looks out into the audience and recognizes Chase’s brother Nick inches from where she’s performing.  Nick’s presence at The Garden is a late graduation present for his younger brother Hayden who’s recently graduated high school.  He’s already questioning the wisdom of bringing Hayden to such a place but seeing Willa spells trouble.  He’s well aware of Chase’s lingering feelings for the woman he hasn’t seen in years and knows without a doubt that Chase could very well kill him for this little adventure – if he finds out! 


Willa arranges for a little bit of time to talk with Nick and Hayden and realizes just how much she misses them and what might have been.  Even though she’s sad about the whole situation, she’s grateful that the men will keep the fact that they’ve seen her to themselves.  Before parting ways, Nick asks her to give him a call if she ever needs anything.  Of course it doesn’t occur to either brother to get rid of the evidence and Chase discovers the brochure – complete with a revved up picture of Willa – that was left in the truck along with Nick’s cell phone.  Chase has all the evidence he needs and now knows exactly where ‘his woman’ disappeared to and now he’s going to go get the answers he deserves.  Only it’s not quite that simple.  His love for Willa is as strong as it ever was and winning her back is of the upmost importance.  He’s strong enough to haul her out of The Garden but will his loving be enough to make her stay on the Kiel ranch?


Everyone makes mistakes and Niki Green’s THE REAL DEAL gives readers insight into a relationship that appeared to be perfect but proves to be overwhelming to Willa.  Chase is simply too hot for words.  He’s intense, protective, sexually adventurous and a hard worker.  You get the feeling that there’s nothing that goes undetected by him – and if it does then he wants an explanation as to how that happened.  I got a real kick out of Nick and Hayden’s antics and Hayden’s imitation of the sounds of Willa and Chase’s lovemaking.  The other brothers are highly memorable and I’m hopeful that we’ll see stories for them in the future – and of course I wouldn’t be opposed to an update on Willa and Chase.

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