Acid Rayne
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 5, 2013 - 5:52:07 AM

Rayne, or Betty, as the carnies know her, is a no nonsense tall woman with a full build and leaves no doubt in anyone’s minds that she is fully capable of taking care of herself.  What no one realizes is her position amongst the carnies is simply a cover.  Her real agenda is locating the stolen diamonds someone amongst the traveling circus stole because her bosses don’t take failure lightly.  The only upside to her cover is the time she gets to spend with Rip.  He possesses all the qualities she could ever want in a man, it’s just too bad their time together is limited.

Former Army Ranger Ripley ‘Rip’ Knight’s training didn’t exactly qualify him for his post military venture as a carnival owner but that didn’t stop him from throwing in with his former commander and investing in the World’s Largest Traveling Gator Show and Carnival.  He’s the proud seventy-five percent owner of a twenty foot albino alligator named Sheila, a mix match gang of carnie workers, and Betty – whom he considers the shows good luck charm.  Men show up in droves to watch her strip down to a thong and bikini top and wrestle Sheila – and Rip certainly can’t blame them.  He’s right partial to seeing her stripped down too.


As the carnival progresses and Rip and Betty embark on a sensual journey of their own, he realizes that there’s far more to her story than she’s willing to share and Rip doesn’t like secrets.  Betty isn’t exactly prepared to trust him with the truth about her past or what she’s doing amongst the carnival crew.  While Betty surrenders her body to Rip at every opportunity she’s extremely careful to maintain an emotional distance.  Eventually things are going to come to a head and she’s going to have to share her secrets or somebody’s going to get hurt.


ACID RAYNE by Nathalie Gray and Ciana Stone is a surprisingly captivating read.  Not once did I get bored with the storyline or lose interest in the characters.  Every single one of them had some trait that just caught my attention and made me wonder about them. I even found myself rooting for the alligator by the end of the story and loved the various twists and turns in the plot.  The characters are completely different than what I’d normally expect in a romance but somehow these authors pulled it off – and even managed to make a twelve-hundred-pound crocodile loveable.  Romance, suspense, a sense of wonder and the sheer joy of just being alive all come together in a completely satisfying read that bring the Florida wilderness into your home – only without the huge teeth and humidity.,

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