By katie
Jul 1, 2008 - 2:16:36 PM

Bonnie James may seem like any normal woman who works hard for her money. She lives in Southwest Texas town called Cielo and works as a maintenance worker at an apartment complex. Bonnie has secrets, such as her name is not really Bonnie and she is in hiding because if he is found, she may end up dead. She also has a bad habit of being a peeping tom and watching her various neighbors in the complex getting down and dirty. It has been a while since Bonnie has had sex and her frustrations take her to a bar and a search for a one-night stand.

Wynn Collier has come to Cielo looking for Bonnie, or rather, Julie Bart. Wynn is a bounty hunter and works for his father. Wynn isn’t one to kill, and rather use other means to get the information he needs. He needs to find Julie, who may know where her sister and her brother-in-law are hiding. The married couple have something his father wants, and until Wynn can locate Julie, he can’t leave Cielo without the answer. It is quite a coincidence when Wynn is propositioned by Bonnie for a night of pleasure. Wynn is not the type of man to refuse, and soon he and Bonnie are busy hitting the sheets. But Bonnie won’t answer any of his questions. Something is up and Wynn needs to find out what she is hiding.

When Bonnie finds Wynn in her apartment, she knows her days are numbered. Wynn wants to help her in anyway he can. She doesn’t even know anyone in her family is still alive and when Wynn’s brother John comes to finish what Wynn has started, Bonnie may start running again, but this time with Wynn at her heels.

Who knew a one-night stand could turn into a suspenseful and tension filled story? NAILED starts out with a bang from the moment Bonnie and Wynn meet each other. The start to their shaky relationship is very different and not one I would have expected. And the minute Wynn sets his sights on Bonnie, he is not letting go and not for the reasons you think.

I also found it interesting that Bonnie makes no excuses for her peeping tom tendencies and that makes her all too human. She also has a tender side when it comes to protecting her family and eventually Wynn falls into this category. And when Wynn becomes territorial over Bonnie and her safety, watch out because no one is separating these two!

Amie Stuart has written a taut erotic romance that may leave you breathless along with anxiously waiting for Stuart’s next release. NAILED is one read that will definitely leave you hungry for more.

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