Naked Bluff
By Amanda Haffery
Feb 4, 2008 - 6:23:03 AM

***image2*** Clarisse can't stop thinking about the great sex she had with Mak. She can still feel him stroking the rose blossom sensually over her body; the way he used his mouth to bring her to monumental ecstasy. Clarisse knows in her head that she and Mak cannot be together forever, but her heart is another matter. If only his parents would overlook the fact that she's not good enough for him.

Mak is, in reality, the Prince of Ronoun. His family is determined to see him wed to someone suitable. Clarisse is not who he thinks they would choose for him. Mak's feelings for Clarisse go beyond the amazing sex they have together but he's never promised her more, and she's given no indication of wanting more. However, he can't bear the thought of being with someone else. Can Mak convince his parents and Clarisse that they belong together before it's too late?


NAKED BLUFF is orgasmically yummy! Mak and Clarisse's sex scenes are meltingly hot. I could "feel" the love they had for each other, even though neither of them would admit it. There were a few humorous moments which only endeared me to Mak and Clarisse more. This is like a modern day Romeo and Juliet with the sex scenes kept in. This is my first foray with Ms. Hanawa and I have to say I'm amazed. The characters, the scenes and the dialogue felt so real—it was like I was experiencing everything along with the characters. If you're looking for a lighthearted read with a warm and fuzzy feeling, NAKED BLUFF is the story for you!

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