Naked in His Arms

Author: Sandra Marton

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: July 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Alexander Knight, an ex-Special Forces agent, has been asked to protect a witness, Cara Prescott, against the wrath of the mob boss, Anthony Gennaro. Apparently, Cara was his mistress and has decided it is too risky to testify against him. Now it's up to Alex to make sure she's safe until the trial. Though he reluctantly takes the job, Alex doesn't realize what he's gotten himself into until he sees the beautiful Cara Prescott in the flesh.

Cara just wants to hide away from the world after her involvement with Anthony Gennaro, but when Alex kidnaps her from her New York home and brings her to his Florida hideaway, she knows Anthony isn't done with her yet. She's not sure what Alex wants from her but Cara knows there is no way Anthony would ever hurt her. Unfortunately, the simmering attraction between Alex and Cara leaves little time for discussion and Alex doesn't realize that Cara's involvement with the mob isn't quite what it seems. Will he take the time to get to know her and keep her safe from an enemy that he doesn't even realize is out there? Will their attraction lead to something more than just a good time between the sheets? Can Alex put his misconceptions about Cara aside to find out that she's everything he's been searching for in a woman?


NAKED IN HIS ARMS is the explosive and absorbing conclusion to Sandra Marton's Knight brothers trilogy. The powerful emotions between Alex and Cara will sweep you up into a gripping drama that will make you second-guess just who is good and who is evil. Readers may even be left wondering just what Alex's motives are. Cara proves to be an enigma too. Just what was her involvement with Anthony Gennaro? You'll be surprised, perplexed, and definitely hot around the collar as you read NAKED IN HIS ARMS. This is a steamy story that lives up to the trilogy. Definitely a fitting ending for the Knight brothers, and for Alex and Cara in particular. Kudos Ms. Marton for a magnetic story!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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