Nakedella - Book Three
By Terri
Jun 1, 2011 - 9:26:00 AM

Well we are back with our favorite naked heroine, Nakedella. She is one woman that is famous in the land of fairy tales. After helping the prince with the curse that was put on him, she and her wonderful shapeshifer Drygan head back to Nakedella home land. But before they can cross the bridge which the troll owns Ella must give him something, just one night of mind blowing sex. Ella teaches Troll the ways to please a woman and gets to cross the bridge. Before she leaves the troll whose name is Antonio, he gives Ella a present. It's a box of magic vials that do different things. He also tells her that a local prince has requested her help. Nakedella helps the prince with his problems and goes on her way. After meeting the prince she is on her way to see Rapunzel in the tower, whom has asked for her help. Will Ella be able to make it home or will she be too busy helping all the fairy tale people? We can only read and see.

Zenina Masters has done it again with NAKEDELLA BOOK THREE. I love all of the stories I have read so far and she brings a new life to the fairy tales I grew up with. Nakedella is special. She is a friendly person and only wants to help others with their problem. She gets her sexual needs taken care of while helping others. But can she keep up the pace? Will she be able to continue to do the things she does with out paying the consequences? Ms. Grace, I know that others will love these books. I plan to read your next installment in the Nakedella series. Thank you for a wonder book and I hope you continue to write more fairy tales in the future.



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