Names My Sisters Call Me
By Sarah W
May 5, 2008 - 11:23:47 AM

Courtney Cassel is the youngest of three sisters. To say her family is volatile is putting it mildly. Courtney’s oldest sister, Norah, has not spoken to middle sister, Raine, in six years because of Raine’s behavior during Norah’s wedding. But Courtney wants to reunite her sisters. Newly engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Lucas, Courtney decides to go with Lucas on his business trip to San Francisco so she can confront her sister and invite her home. Courtney naively hopes it will all go smoothly but as with life, nothing goes quite as planned. After all, reconnecting with Raine means confronting Matt Cheney, the first man Courtney fell in love with, and who broke her heart when he moved to California with Raine.

While her trip to California reconnected her with Raine, Courtney cannot help reexamining her life. Is she making the right choices? Has she somehow not lived up to her potential? Courtney loves her family but she is starting to think they are more trouble than they are worth.


Megan Crane certainly fires up the emotions and the family drama in NAMES MY SISTERS CALL ME. Courtney is a talented musician and an intelligent woman, but in the company of her sisters, she starts to regress to a child. Her battle to overcome those old feelings and emotions makes for amusing, serious, and realistic reading. As anyone knows, families are not perfect. This is more than true for the Cassel family. But Megan Crane does not go over the top with the quirks and anger of her characters, rather, she uses a charged family dynamic and an important event in a woman’s life to bring these characters alive. There is love between these sisters, there are good moments and memories, but it is very hard for Courtney to find those things when she is being constantly bombarded by the bad stuff. You will get fed up with Courtney, commiserate with Courtney, and surely understand the thick skin she must develop the more she deals with her family. NAMES MY SISTERS CALL ME examines the bumpy history of families, the burdens and joys of love in all its forms and layers, and the people that we can never truly get rid of in our lives. Megan Crane’s spirited writing and insights into relationships will make this book resonate with readers.

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