Nancy's Theory of Style
By Dottie
May 1, 2010 - 8:33:39 PM

Nancy Edith Carrington-Chambers made sure she did everything right to be a success.  Not only was she born in the right family, but also she studied at the right schools, made friends with the popular people, dressed perfectly, joined the right clubs, read the right books in hardcover and even married Todd, the perfect man…or so she thought.  After approximately a year,
Nancy began getting restless.  She and her husband decided to have a home built in an up and coming area.  Nancy kept adding changes to the house and she spent most of her time making plans for it.  However, when she went away for a few days, figuring everything would be all right while she was gone, Todd took some shortcuts to stay on budget.  When she returned home, she was livid, especially since she put her own money into the house.  Calling her new home, the House of Horrors, she had no desire to stay there.  She was also beginning to see Todd for the man he really was.


Nancy loved going to parties and planning events.  She spent a year planning her own wedding, about which many were still talking.   So she decided to start her own business, Froth, an event planning company.  After an argument with Todd, Nancy decides to move temporarily into the family apartment to start up her new business.  Todd even offers to pay for an assistant for her.  After interviewing three potential assistants, Nancy decides to hire Derek, a hunky gay Englishman, who dresses perfectly.  Not long after getting her business underway, her cousin Birdie stops by.  While Nancy is out of the room, Birdie takes off, leaving her four-year-old daughter Eugenia behind, as well as her daughter’s suitcase.  Nancy tries to reach her, to no avail.  Frantic, Nancy calls around; she has never been around children before.  After a few days, things calm down and desire grows between Nancy and Derek.  However, if she gives in to her feelings and has an intimate relationship with him, her pre-nup will give Todd half of everything she owns.  Soon Nancy, Derek and Eugenia seem more like a family and Nancy is happier than she has ever been.  However, things begin to unravel when Nancy makes some discoveries about her little family.


NANCY’S THEORY OF STYLE is a witty, emotion-packed contemporary romance novel, which will leave you longing for the story to go on.  I loved this story.  Throughout the book, Nancy constantly adds fashionable sayings to her notebook, titled Theory of Style.  Though the ending is wonderful, readers will wish to read more about this quirky society woman.  She starts out with wanting everything perfect around her and by the end of the book, she makes a wonderful discovery; there are things she never thought she wanted, but she finds she can’t live without them and no money is involved.  Watching Nancy evolve through her interactions with those around her and her new experiences is a delight.  Full of well-drawn charismatic characters, wit, a delightful plot and imagination, this book is a winner.  I look forward to reading more of debut author Grace Coopersmith’s works.  I highly recommend NANCY’S THEORY OF STYLE to anyone looking for a great read.


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